How to Create a Free Blog to Succeed and Make Fantastic Money

Tips for creating a blog or website so that you can become passive income in your life, don't be half-hearted, especially for beginners. So it's like, if you have been hit by a drizzle, then you can take a shower in the river hehehe. What's the capital? Bandane is a hobby, it's a hobby nothing else. Well here the author will share an old school method but until now it is still used by blogger sultans, aka those who have enjoyed fantastic income from the blogs they manage. Why is this method considered old school, because now it has been abandoned by novice bloggers but is still reliable and a mainstay for old players who are now sultans of course. The most basic thing in playing blogs, is the right intention in the right way and of course with qualified knowledge as well. It is impossible for a player who is reliable in any field of play without the right intention and method and supported by solid knowledge to succeed, is it impossible? So this article just wants to sh